Juice Detox- Watermelon Juice – Weight Loss

Juicy Red Goodness! You don’t hear that very often and think ‘YUMMY’
But here is my friends! Juicing a water melon with the ‘WHITE’ part!!! Yes, I said it, the forbidden white part along with the green outer shell all went into my juicer.

I am a MELON fanatic. NO really. NO…. really. I don’t think you understand, I always have a melon of some sort in my fridge. This time I went to the store and bought two HUGE watermelons…and I thought after I got home, ‘How the heck am I going to eat all this!!’ So I started to google watermelon and I found out that my previous watermelon and lemon video, about healthy skin…could have been even better! I always juice watermelon with just the red. Who would have thought the entire thing could go in the juicer. Take a few minutes and check out how this juicy juice turned out!

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