Come Snack Time, Reach for 1 of These 16 Low-Carb Snacks


We have a drawer full of snacks at work, and when 4 p.m. hits, it’s like an alarm goes off internally; we need to eat something to keep us focused and happy until dinner — otherwise, it can go south quickly, and you don’t want to hang out with us when we’re hangry. With the low-carb diet continuing to surge in popularity, many people are asking the important questions, namely, what snacks can you have on a low-carb eating plan? Fortunately for us, there are plenty of options. These 16 picks happen to be both nutritious and delicious, and we rely on them to get us through our day.

What snacks make the cut? Yummy protein-packed products, Greek yogurt, and flavored nut butters immediately come to mind. Plus, there are these salt and vinegar almonds that will make your mouth water. Healthy does not have to equal bland or boring, and these 16 snacks will prove it to you. Oh, and they’re also all on Amazon, so, yay!

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