Calorie Density: The Secret to Ultimate Weight Loss

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HI, I’m Chef AJ. I first became fat at the age of 5. By the age of 11 I weighed 160 pounds and i wasn’t even 5 feet tall! (That’s obese). In my 20’s I weighed nearly 200 pounds and I’m barely 5’6″tall!!!

In my 50’s I learned the #1 secret to weight loss from the doctors at the The TrueNorth Health center (Dr, Doug Lisle and Dr. alan Goldhamer, the authors of the groundbreaking book, The Pleasure Trap).

The explained o me that the reason I was fat was not because I had emotional problems, nut because I had MATH problems. And once they explained the principles of calorie density to me, and I applied them on a daily basis, I was able to easily lose 50 pounds and have kept if off over 7 years now!!!

No more counting calories, carbs or points.! No more weighing and measuring your food on a scale! No more going hungry!!! When you truly understand, and implement, the calorie density secret, you truly can eat up, slim down and get healthy!!!

If you’d like to learn more about calorie density, please check out my Amazon bestseller, The Secrets To Ultimate Weight Loss.

Thank you Justin Cornell for allowing me to share this fabulous interview on my channel.

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