Weight Loss Workout
If you’re looking for a good weight loss workout that doesn’t require you to jump or run and that is gentle on your knees and legs then today’s your day 😀

This 3-day fat burn challenge will help you lose fat and burn calories at home by doing low impact exercises that are suitable for those of you with joint issues.

Let’s begin the challenge and remember to exercise everyday if you want to see results in the long run!❤️💪


00:00 Lateral Steps
00:46 Rest
01:08 Diagonal Abs Left
01:37 Diagonal Abs Right
02:06 Rest
02:28 Lateral Steps
03:15 Rest
03:37 Diagonal Abs Left
04:06 Diagonal Abs Right
04:35 Rest
04:57 Lateral Steps
05:44 Rest
06:06 Diagonal Abs Left
06:35 Diagonal Abs Right
07:04 Rest
07:56 Windmill
08:41 Rest
09:03 Lateral Arm Circles
09:47 Rest
10:09 Windmill
10:53 Rest
11:15 Lateral Arm Circles
12:00 Rest
12:22 Windmill
13:06 Rest
13:28 Lateral Arm Circles
14:11 Rest
15:03 Forward Calf Raises
15:50 Rest
16:12 Overhead Reach
16:56 Rest
17:18 Forward Calf Raises
18:06 Rest
18:28 Overhead Reach
19:12 Rest
19:34 Forward Calf Raises
20:21 Rest
20:43 Overhead Reach
21:28 Rest
22:20 Step Back Jacks
23:05 Rest
23:27 Side Leg Raise Left
23:57 Side Leg Raise Right
24:26 Rest
24:48 Step Back Jacks
25:33 Rest
25:55 Side Leg Raise Left
26:24 Side Leg Raise Right
26:54 Rest
27:16 Step Back Jacks
28:01 Rest
28:23 Side Leg Raise Left
28:52 Side Leg Raise Right

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