45 minute Cycling Workout for Weight Loss | #38

Weight Loss Workout
Whether you are cycling for weight loss, cycling to relieve stress, or you just want to have some fun this 45 minute cycling class has it all!

I’m so glad you decided to cycle with me today, let’s go for a ride! Grab your water bottle, grab your towel, get on your bike and let’s get these pedals spinning! – Kaleigh Cohen Fitness

0:00 – 1:13 Welcome!
1:14 – 4:28 Warm Up | You, You, & I by Animal Island
4:29 – 8:02 Sprints | Long Way Home (feat Laci Kay) by Noah Neiman
8:03 – 11:04 Climbs | All Night Long by Sharkpuppy
11:05 – 15:27 Sprints | Open Your Eyes by Har Megiddo
15:28 – 18:10 Tick Tocks | Dominate (feat Vo Williams) by Kairo
18:11 – 21:03 Switch Backs | Coming For Ya by Yes Yes No Maybe
21:04 – 24:33 Sprints | Follow (feat Mike Schmid) by Noah Neiman
24:34 – 27:37 Climbs | Baby’s Got The Beat by Hunn
27:38 – 30:52 Freezes | La La La by Addie Hamilton
30:53 – 34:28 Climbs | The Payoff by Royal Deluxe
34:29 – 38:06 Jumps | Right Now by The Seige
38:07 – 41:50 Sprints | Look Easy by BHAVIOR
41:51 – 47:55 Cool Down | Red by Reagan James

🟢New to my indoor cycling workouts? START HERE! 👉- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBJ0TIYiwZzjLnd3RU_J2y-dm9a34Ggw3

🚴‍♀‍If you are using this indoor cycling workout for a stationary bike or exercise bike workout and cannot go into the standing positions (2nd and 3rd) and would like an added challenge during these, TRY THIS:
2nd position: increase your speed! Try anywhere between 5-15 RPMs.
3rd position: increase your resistance here but try and keep the same cadence.

🎶Indoor cycling music can be found at my Spotify 👉- https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3kokmpPEmGnaE77GEBuIhB?si=A0uUynH_QhGwp01Z7WPL6A

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💁🏼‍♀‍ Hello! I’m Kaleigh! I attended my first Spinning class when I was 15. Since then I’ve been addicted to indoor cycling workouts. Now, as a certified Spin class Instructor and fitness trainer, my goal is to provide you with fun, motivating, and energizing indoor cycling workouts that motivate you to be YOUR BEST YOU! This is cycling motivation! Thanks for cycling with me!

🔴 DISCLAIMER 🔴 When beginning any fitness workout or regimen, it is important to consult your physician to ensure this program is right for you. Do not start this program if your health care provider advises otherwise. Any exercises or information on this channel, through videos or comments, is to be used at your own risk. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness will not be responsible or liable for harm, damage, or injury as a result of any information provided.

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